Icar Smash Repairs is not just limited to car repair and spray-painting we also offer car restoration service. Here we ensure that your damaged car will look as new after completion.

Car restoration refers to the procedure of restoring a specific vehicle, which is partially damaged heavily or scrapped. Here at Icar Smash Repairs we make sure to give and provide you the top-quality restoration for your vehicles.We can modify your car according to your requirements. We offer restoration service for your cars body and other components to bring it back to its original condition.

Icar Smash Repairs is exceptionally skilled and prepared to cater your requirements in restoring your car! We have the up-to-date equipment to ensure that we have complete control on the entire process. Let our specialists handle the restoration for your insured car through their skills in sharp details as well as award-winning paint jobs for assured service satisfaction.

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Car restoration at Icar Smash Repairs involves the following processes:

Engine Restoration Involves removing the engine from the car for the inspection in order to identify whether broken or non-functional parts occurs. Our skilled technician or restorer will perform essential tests to ensure that your vehicle engine will work properly and start repairing for restoration purposes.

Exterior Restoration Restoring of car exterior can take several forms based on the current situation of the car such as abandoned, damaged and encounter accidents, etc. Whatever the reason may be, we are here to help you bring back the original state of your car.

Interior Restoration – Involves the process of restoring the inside of the vehicle to keep its original state. We are using the high-end tools and equipment for the safe inspection and operation.